Central Project Management Unit

mapMOET will be the executing agency (EA) for the proposed program and will have overall responsibility for program coordination and implementation. MOET will establish a program steering committee (PSC) to: (i) provide guidance in policy development and program implementation; (ii) provide guidance in identification of proposed investment activities based on prioritized targets; (iii) ensure coordination with relevant government agencies and stakeholders;

monitor the program achievement of outcomes; and (v) ensure timely approval of reports, plans, annual budget estimates submitted to the Prime Minister.

MOET will establish a CPMU to oversee the day-to-day implementation of the program. The CPMU will assist the PSC and MOET in the management and implementation of the  Project Loan, assist in monitoring policy development, and assess the achievement of development objectives in secondary education.

The CPMU will be responsible for overall management of program activities, including but not limited, (i) development of a master plan, detailed annual program and project implementation plans, and annual disbursement and procurement plans; (ii) procurement and contract management  for all goods and services contracts and consulting services, in accordance with government  and ADB requirements and procedures;…

The DOET of each province will assist the CPMU in coordinating project activities at the province level.

The schools will be assisted in implementing the program initiatives by various partners.